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The Full Story


Welcome to Canella Catering, where two Latin-American chefs have come together in the heart of British Columbia to embark on a flavorful journey that transcends borders. Our culinary venture is fueled by our shared passion for global tastes and our commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences that reflect our rich Latin American heritage.

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Our Story

Imagine the fusion of Latin American spices with international culinary influences, all crafted in the picturesque landscapes of British Columbia. Our story begins with two chefs who have traversed continents, gathering flavors, techniques, and inspirations along the way. With a deep love for the art of cooking and a desire to share it with our local community, Canella Catering was born.

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Our Mission

At Canella Catering, our mission is to create a gastronomic experience that knows no boundaries. Our menus are a tapestry woven with threads of flavors from around the world, interwoven with the warmth and vibrancy of Latin American cuisine. Through our food, we aim to connect cultures, bring people together, and spark conversations that transcend language.

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What Sets Us Apart

Global Palate, Latin Soul: Our culinary creations are a testament to our passion for exploring diverse culinary landscapes. We bring the world to your plate while infusing each dish with the soulful essence of Latin America.

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Culinary Wanderlust

Our journey is ongoing, as we continually seek out new ingredients, techniques, and inspirations from across the globe. This wanderlust ensures that our menus are ever-evolving and consistently surprising.

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Community and Connection

Food has an incredible power to connect people, and we cherish the opportunity to be a part of your special moments. Whether it's an intimate celebration or a grand event, our catering services are designed to create lasting memories

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Craftsmanship and Creativity

With a solid foundation in traditional Latin American cooking, we blend craftsmanship with creativity to craft dishes that pay homage to our roots while embracing innovation.

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Our Promise

At Canella Catering, our promise is to infuse each event with the spirit of adventure and the joy of discovery. We are storytellers, using flavors as our medium and plates as our canvas. With every bite, you're not just tasting food; you're experiencing a chapter of our journey.


Join us in celebrating the harmony of cultures, the thrill of exploration, and the magic that happens when food becomes a bridge between traditions. Thank you for choosing Canella Catering to be a part of your culinary adventure.


Flavors Without Borders - A Journey on Every Plate

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